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How to Share Your Google Calendar

We show you how to share a calendar in Google Calendar for easier scheduling, better collaboration, and coordination.


Calendar is an indispensable tool for individuals and teams aiming to stay organized in a dynamic environment. It extends beyond the capabilities of a simple calendar by offering advanced features that cater to the diverse needs of professionals in their daily workflows. With Google Calendar, you can create events, set reminders, and most importantly, share these with others to foster better collaboration and transparency.

The ability to share your Google Calendar is pivotal, whether for coordinating family activities, scheduling meetings, or aligning on project deadlines within a team. This tutorial will walk you through the nuances of sharing your Google Calendar, from sharing with specific individuals to broader visibility options like public sharing or within an organization. You'll learn how to leverage Google Calendar's sharing settings to control who sees your calendar and their level of access, ensuring efficient scheduling and enhanced productivity without compromising your privacy.

How To Share Your Google Calendar

  1. Open the Google Calendar
    In the left panel, under “My Calendars”, hover over the calendar you want to share and click on the three dots next to it.
    Windows 11 - Google Calendar - My Calendars
  2. Access Settings
    In the “My Calendars” section on the left panel, hover over the calendar you intend to share. Click on the three dots that appear next to it and select “Settings and sharing“.
    Windows 11 - Google Calendar - My Calendars - Settings & Shering
  3. Verify Time Zone
    Ensure the time zone is correctly set on this page. This is crucial for ensuring that all shared calendar events reflect the correct time for everyone.
    Windows 11 - Google Calendar - My Calendars - Settings & Shering - Time Zone
  4. Option 1: Activate Public Sharing
    If you're looking to share your calendar with a wider audience, locate and check the “Make available to public” checkbox. This makes your calendar accessible to anyone.
    Windows 11 - Google Calendar - My Calendars - Settings & Shering - Public
  5. Option 2: Sharing with Specific People
    For a more private sharing option, click on “Add people” if you wish to share your calendar with specific individuals, such as close friends, family, or team members.
    Windows 11 - Google Calendar - My Calendars - Settings & Shering - Share - Add People
  6. Enter Email Addresses

    Type the email addresses of the people you're sharing your calendar with in the provided text area.
    Windows 11 - Google Calendar - My Calendars - Settings & Shering - Share - Add email
  7. Set Permissions

    After adding the email addresses, click on the added email and then click on the “Dropdown” menu button to select the appropriate permission level for each person.
    Windows 11 - Google Calendar - My Calendars - Settings & Shering - Share - Add email - Set Permissions
  8. Select the appropriate choice from the options while sharing your Google Calendar
    Windows 11 - Google Calendar - My Calendars - Settings & Shering - Share - Add email - Set Permissions
  9. Send Invitations
    Finally, click on “Send” to share your Google Calendar. This will send an invitation to the added contacts, granting them access to your calendar as per the permissions you've set.
    Windows 11 - Google Calendar - My Calendars - Settings & Shering - Share - Add email - Set Permissions - Send

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about Sharing Google Calendars

Can I share my Google Calendar with non-Gmail users?

Yes, you can share your Google Calendar with non-Gmail users by entering their email addresses in the sharing settings. They will receive an invitation link to access the calendar.

How do I sync my Google Calendar with another person's calendar?

To sync with another person's calendar, have them share their calendar with you. Once they do, you can view their calendar alongside yours in your Google Calendar interface.

How do I create a joint calendar in Google for a specific project or team?

Create a new calendar by clicking the plus sign next to “Other calendars“, select “Create new calendar“, name it after your project or team, and share it with team members by adding their emails and setting appropriate permissions.

How do I add my Google Calendar to my iPhone's native Calendar app?

On your iPhone, go to Settings > Passwords & Accounts > Add Account > Google, and enter your credentials. Then, enable the toggle for Calendars to sync your Google Calendar with the iPhone's Calendar app.

Why won't my Google Calendar events show up on another person's calendar after I've shared it?

This could be due to the recipient not accepting the calendar sharing invitation, or they might need to check their calendar settings to ensure your calendar is selected to be displayed.

Can I set different permission levels for different people in my shared Google Calendar?

Yes, when sharing your calendar, you can set different permission levels (e.g., see only, make changes to events, make changes and manage sharing) for each person.

How do I find a calendar someone has shared with me on Google Calendar?

Shared calendars should appear under “Other calendars” in the left sidebar. If not, check your email for an invitation link or ask the sharer to resend the invitation.

How do I make a Google Calendar public but keep certain events private?

After making your calendar public in the “Settings and sharing“, you can mark individual events as private by editing the event and selecting “Private” in the visibility options.

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