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Microsoft Unveils Surface Go 4, Exclusively for the Business Sector

Microsoft has introduced the Surface Go 4, replacing AMD chips with Intel and focusing directly on business users.


has unveiled the latest addition to its 2-in-1 laptop series, the Surface Go 4, at a recent launch event. Unlike its predecessors, this model is exclusively designed for businesses and frontline workers, emphasizing its utility in professional scenarios. The device boasts several enhancements, including a shift from the two-core Intel Pentium processor to a more robust four-core Intel N200 chip. “Available exclusively for organizations,” the 4 is set to hit the shelves on October 3rd, with the base model priced at $579.

Enhancements and Sustainability: A Closer Look

Delving into the specifications, the Surface Go 4 has abandoned the 4GB RAM configuration, now offering only 8GB of LPDDR5 memory. This change is a nod to the increasing demands of multitasking in today's digital environment. The device offers storage options ranging from 64GB to 256GB. While the external design mirrors its predecessor, the internal components such as the battery, kickstand, motherboard, and display are now designed to be more easily repairable or replaceable. This focus on and longevity is particularly appealing to businesses aiming to maintain device functionality over several years.

Performance and Versatility: Meeting Business Needs

The Surface Go 4 is not just about performance upgrades; it's about versatility in the professional world. Weighing just 1.15 pounds, it can seamlessly transition from a tablet to a laptop, catering to diverse mobile workflows. Microsoft claims that the Windows 11 Pro version of the Surface Go 4 should deliver performance that is “up to 80% faster” than its predecessor. Additionally, the device offers features such as for secure passwordless authentication, making it a reliable companion for both field and office work.

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