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The Main Charms of RPG Games and Why You Should Try to Play Them



This article was contributed by David Brooks who works as an editor for SkyCoach.gg.

RPG (Role Playing Game) is a game genre in which you do not play as a ready-made character but choose and develop your hero according to your likeness and desire, and the game universe will adapt to the player’s choice.

If we take into account the most relevant and refined projects and not the progenitors of the genre, then you can get an engaging open world, with the possibility of free development of your character, finding equipment and weapons, and their value depending on the luck and perseverance of the player.

RPGs always have a boss system as a source of equipment at the end of the passage of the game company or individual quests.

The best equipment and weapons, armor sets, stones, and artifacts are knocked out by bosses.

If desired, bosses can be killed constantly, simply by re-entering the game – the main thing is that you allow resources to always inflict heavy damage on the head of the dungeon or location.

Consider the Classic Rpg on the Example of the Legendary Diablo

The project, from Blizzard, has more than 20 years of active history with the constant release of new versions.

In the summer of 2023, the official release of Diablo 4 is expected, which is now in beta testing, in which anyone can take part simply by paying for early access. This will allow you to level up your character before most other players.

For example, game currency. Diablo has separate NPCs from which you can buy weapons and armor of random quality, and the same goes for accessories. There is also a legendary Guide – a character from whom you can buy weapons, armor, or jewelry of random characteristics, from ordinary to legendary, so if you are a gambler, you should stock up on gold.

You can buy early access and start farming right now, or order Diablo 4 gold from professional Skycoach players with a money-back guarantee in case of disputes and ensuring the anonymity and security of the transaction and imitating the classic exchange to divert the attention of the game administration.

The Main Advantages of Rpg Projects

Several aspects make this type exciting and attractive to other players:
  • Storyline
  • Variation
  • Replay value
  • Highlight content
  • Luck is part of the game
  • PVP


Each RPG project is built on a storyline, often a story that is built around saving the world or protecting local people from distinct types of threats and the opportunity to end the reign of evil.

So, for example, in Diablo 2, players cleared the dungeons and drove out the demon and his retinue from there, went to the sandy city in the desert, destroyed the Viper temple and the evil prevailing there, helped the angel, and fought Diablo himself.

At each stage, the player gradually gains levels, knocks out equipment and weapons, pumps skills and talents, and goes through the game at a pace convenient for him.


Any RPG involves giving players freedom of choice in their pumping and gameplay.

You can rely solely on situational items and quickly run through all the main locations and try to take bosses from a swoop, relying on reaction and speed of action.

You can slowly and systematically develop the hero, accumulate weapons and armor, and auxiliary potions to take the main opponents’ lives quickly and efficiently.

You can invest in companions and strengthen your position in battles, getting a loyal ally that can absorb most of the damage from the enemy.

Replay Value

Even if you pass the project on to one of the proposed characters, you can always choose a different class and, due to the fundamental difference in the gameplay, get a new experience and seem to be playing the game for the first time.

For example, playing as a mage and a barbarian is a unique experience. The barbarian needs any weapon for a successful start. In the future, he will hit the limit of his development, unable to give out more damage due to his berserk ability and rage. At the same time, the mage will have challenging gameplay at the start due to the constant lack of mana. This is solved by knocking out potions or gradually pumping essential skills, but in conclusion, the start will be radically different.

Highlight Content

In any RPG project – for example, Path of Exile, the focus is on high-level content.

High level is the stage of the game when all the bosses are completed. The character is at the maximum level. It has good equipment in terms of weapons and armor, and the game should come up with something to entertain gamers who have gone through everything.

Often it is either PVP – where players fight among themselves, realizing all their drop throughout the game and skill potential – who has learned to control his character better.

PoE went further in this matter and created an entire system of leagues and seasons. The central concept is based on regular server updates and resetting all achievements so that players start all over again. Gamers quickly ran through the storyline and again went to form orbs – the main artifacts and character amplifiers. Such resources are rare and need modifications.

Luck Is Part of the Game

In projects where the player develops his character, the luck factor always plays a role. Someone is lucky, and he immediately knocks out an excellent legendary item and starts pumping quickly. In contrast, someone is not lucky even when equipping a hero to increase the chance of knocking out a magic item. This is normal, which gives RPG projects charm and excitement. You should always try more than the game gives, and even with such a factor as luck, you will get your way.


Even though RPGs are more about adventures and fighting monsters and bosses rather than player-to-player battles, where gamers compete in their luck and spend time building up their character, they need a way to compete against other gamers.

Often, you get your special reward for killing other players in a fair battle – a badge of distinction.

About the author

David Brooks works as a freelancer for SkyCoach.gg.

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