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Is Microsoft Returning to the Surface Phone with Whole New Series of Devices?

Microsoft will supplement a folding Surface Phone with a group of fixed-display Surface smartphones on Android.


Earlier today I reported on 's decision to abandon the Surface Duo and cancel the third generation of the dual-screen smartphone. I also discussed how the company is looking towards a single-screen device with a folding display. This means the concept of the is back, but what is Microsoft planning?

Well, a report from Windows Central that the folding-screen Surface Phone will be just one part of a new series of . That folding hardware may even retain the name. This means it could be a book foldable similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4.

However, while the ditching of the current Surface Duo could mean Microsoft is walking away from mobile hardware again, it actually seems to not be the case. In fact, the company may be doubling down.


The report points to the company wanting to expand its smartphone portfolio. The folding Surface Phone will serve as a flagship while there will be lesser fixed-screen smartphones below it. Microsoft has reportedly even begun prototyping those devices, which suggests they could launch as soon as this year.

While Microsoft is a major company, it is not known as a modern smartphone brand. In other words, the company is working as a newcomer in the mobile space. Having more than one device could give the company more presence and customers more choices.

The report also says Microsoft will strengthen ties with and to further its mobile goals. Specifically, the company is working on “Perfect Together” which will create greater synergy between Windows and Android.

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Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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