Microsoft has been updating native Windows apps to fit into the Windows 11 aesthetic and one of the stock apps in line for an upcoming update is Notepad. We already know Microsoft is developing a new Notepad app, but now we know a little more thanks to an official leak.

A Microsoft employee posted on Twitter a new feature the Notepad app update could receive. Specifically, Microsoft is working on adding tabs to the app. Joe Lurie, Senior Product Manager Microsoft in Endpoint Former and Windows 10/Windows 11 and Endpoint Manager confirmed the development of the feature.

Tabs in Notepad on Windows 11 will work just like they do on a web browser: Multiple windows will be possible and you can switch between them by moving from tab to tab. This will mean multiple folders and directories are easily available in Notepad.

Microsoft has been working on the tabs UI concept on native apps, including introducing the feature for File Explorer. Although, it is worth noting that while Microsoft is working on tabs for Notepad, there is no guarantee the feature will become available.

Coming Soon?

There was also a confidential image of the interface but the tweet has since been removed. However, @PhantomOfEarth was able to recover the image, which you can see here.

If the feature does make its way to Notepad on Windows 11, it will be available in a recent update. Microsoft updates native apps individually but it is unclear if Notepad will update in this way. More likely is the tabs will come to the app in a future Windows 11 Moment update.

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