How to Screen Record on a Chromebook / ChromeOS

We show you a simple way to screen record on a Chromebook using the built-in Screen recording tool in ChromeOS.

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Users have been requesting the capability to record the screen on for years. A few Chrome extensions performed the job effectively, but many charged high prices to gain access to even basic functionality.

finally included a native screen recorder for Chromebooks in 2020, and the feature has been on the stable channel for over two years. Not to mention, Google has recently created a new Screencast software on Chrome OS, bringing enhanced screen recording with annotation, camera view, transcription, and other features to Chromebooks.

In this tutorial, we will demonstrate various methods for recording a screen on a Chromebook and assist you in resolving some frequent issues that individuals encounter when attempting to record their displays.

What is the difference between a screen recording and screenshots?

Consider a screenshot a still image of your , whereas a screen recording allows you to record a video. Additional capabilities enable you to capture audio in addition to video. You may also record a portion of the screen, the entire screen, or just a specific window.

What are the different forms of screen recordings on Chromebook?

While screen recording, you have various choices, all of which are accessible via your Chromebook's Quick Settings panel.

  • A full-screen recording is a video that captures the complete screen.
  • A window screen recording is a video of the window in which you are working. 
  • A partial screen recording is a video of a portion of the screen that you select previously

How To Screen Record on Chromebooks / ChromeOS

The Chromebook screen recorder tool, introduced in 89, is now available in the quick settings panel. It's surprisingly strong while being simple to use.

  1. Click on the clock at the bottom right corner, and then click on the “Screen Capture” icon

    Chromebook - Open Quick Settings Panel - Screen Capture

  2. Select the video icon from the Screen Capture toolbar

    Chromebook - Screen Capture Toolbar - Video Icon

  3. You can record the entire screen, a portion, or a single window, choose one to proceed

    Chromebook - Screen Capture Toolbar - Video Icon - Choose to Record

  4. Click on the gear icon to capture audio with the onboard microphone

    Chromebook - Screen Capture Toolbar - Record Microphone

  5. Partial: Drag to pick the area to record, then press the “Record” button to start the screen recording

    Chromebook - Screen Capture Toolbar - Record Partial Screen

  6. Full Screen: click on the full-screen icon and then click anywhere on the screen to start the screen recording

    Chromebook - Screen Capture Toolbar - Record Full Screen

  7. Window: click on the window icon and select the window you want to screen record

    Chromebook - Screen Capture Toolbar - Record Window

  8. When you are done screen recording on your Chromebook, click on the red “Stop” button on the shelf at the bottom left

    Chromebook - Video Recording - Red Stop Button

  9. A notification will pop up that states, “Screen Recording Taken” click on it to go to the video file in your “Downloads” folder

    Chromebook - Video Recording - Red Stop Button - Notification

  10. The “Download” folder will open, and you may choose a video file to watch, share, save to Google Drive, or delete

    Chromebook - Video Recording - Red Stop Button - Notification - Screen Recording

How to Take a Screenshot on Chromebooks / ChromeOS / CloudReady

Our other tutorial shows you two methods for starting the screen capture tool on ChromeOS, how to utilize it, and where to find your captured images and videos on your device.

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