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Samsung Says Galaxy Z Fold Foldable Phones are Reaching Enterprise Users

Samsung says sales of the Galaxy Z Fold smartphone to enterprise customers has grown 105% year on year, with sales skyrocketing.


While more smartphone brands are bringing foldable phones to the market, remains the dominant player. Although, this is still a nascent segment of the smartphone market. Even so, Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip devices are setting a usability and sales standard. It seems they are also now starting to crossover and become successful in enterprise.

According to Samsung, its foldable are starting to impact the enterprise market. The company points out the flexibility and larger screens make the Galaxy Z Fold and Flip ideal for productivity.

Looking at the period from January to October 2022 (Q1 to Q3), Samsung saw foldable smartphone sales double year-on-year. Devices that were taken on contract by businesses increased by 105%.


Now the company is predicting sales of 16 million units worldwide this year, which would be a 73% year-on-year gain. Next year, the company thinks 2023 shipments will total 26 million. While that is significantly smaller than Samsung's standard smartphone shipments, it will be enough to signal are now mainstream.

“Samsung Galaxy foldable smartphones were created to open up opportunities for new ways to work and explore creativity,” says KC Choi, EVP and Head of Global Mobile B2B Team, MX Business at Samsung Electronics. “This rapid growth in investment demonstrates our enterprise customers' need for meaningful innovations to enhance workforce productivity.”

Just recently, IDC predicted folding smartphone sales will explode in the coming three years. While many believe the foldable market will take off when debuts a folding iPhone (likely 2025 at the earliest), Samsung seems to be doing a good job growing the market on its own.

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