Do you know in the Terminator franchise where the world has been taken over by machines? Or in The Matrix where the world has been taken over by machines? Well, in our reality those machines will have an Amazon logo. Amazon has been developing its Prime Air delivery service for years and now the company is announcing a new better air-delivering vehicle.

Known as the MK30 drone, the unmanned autonomous vehicle (UAV) will drive Amazon’s vision to have drones in the sky delivering packages to customers. So, when you order a new saucepan in the future, it may come via air.

Amazon’s previous drones have been hit by issues such as crashes, fires, and general malfunctions. I bet you feel confident about this service now. Don’t worry because Amazon insists the new MK30 overcomes those issues.

Coming Soon

According to the company, it will be ready to take to the air for official duty in 2024 and will be quieter and fly further than previous drones. More importantly, it will also function in hot temperatures and light rain.

Amazon is on the charm offensive insisting its drones will not be a disruption to people or their day-to-day lives.

“Our drones fly hundreds of feet in the air, well above people and structures. Even when they descend to deliver packages, our drones are generally quieter than a range of sounds you would commonly hear in a typical neighborhood. Still, Prime Air’s Flight Science team has created new custom-designed propellers that will reduce the MK30’s perceived noise by another 25%. That’s a game-changer, and we’re very excited about it.”

Let’s wait and see.

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