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Importance Of Cyber Security In Your Company


This article was shared by Dominika Smith who works as a cyber security specialist at BTB Group.

Probably because you wish to protect your firm from cyberattacks. The internet is one of a business's most vital resources, and may inflict a lot of damage. You can protect your company from these assaults and secure your network in many ways. We'll explain what cyber security is and why it's vital so you can be prepared for threats.

Why Cyber Security Is Important

Cyber attacks are escalating and can inflict a lot of damage. In 2018, there were over 2,000 data breaches, a 30% increase from 2017.

Because Cyber Attacks Have Been Increasing, And They Can Cause A Lot Of Damage.

Cyberattacks are increasing in frequency and sophistication. Criminals will get more competent at using emerging technologies like machine learning to steal information and sell stolen products, according to experts.

Identity Theft Ranks As One Of The Biggest Problems People Face On The Internet.

Identity theft is a major online issue as thieves take your details to open new accounts and steal money.

  • Identity theft can lead you to lose access to your bank account or credit cards, have unauthorized charges appear on your credit card statement, or have a stolen item returned for full price (or more).

You Need To Be Cautious When Browsing And Sharing Information Online.

Online browsing and sharing require caution.

  • Carefully share online. Many websites can steal your data, so think twice before sharing personal information on or over email.
  • Internet downloads could contain harmful software (malware) that will infect your machine and cause chaos if not deleted quickly.
  • Keep a watch on all links in emails sent by other people, including those from friends asking for help at home or work, even if it seems innocent. Don't click unless someone who knows more than you says to (in most cases).

Hackers Will Go After Your Weakest link. Make Sure Your Employees Are Being Cautious

It's critical to keep in mind that hackers will target your weakest points. They will utilize those who are less watchful than the majority of people or who have a reputation for being careless or lazy to gain access to your systems. Because of this, it's crucial to ensure that staff members take appropriate security precautions when using the internet and that they do it in a way that prevents them from unnecessarily exposing themselves or their employer to cybercrime.

You can follow the instructions listed below:

  • Make sure passwords are complicated for hackers to guess and unique. Password policies should specify requirements for password length, complexity, and frequency of use (ex: “The password must be at least eight characters long; the first letter must appear in each word; no numbers may be used”).
  • If you are using VPN to access international client locations then always download the Windows VPN software from a trusted website because VPN ensures the security of your data. So, it should not be of low quality from cheap websites. If you really want your company's data security you need trusted VPN services.
  • No matter how enticing, avoid clicking on dubious links or attachments within emails from unidentified senders. The likelihood that an attachment contains malware designed specifically for infecting computers increases if it is suspiciously large in relation to its size on screen and visually similar. If this is the case, opening the attachment without first scanning it could result in further infection by hackers.

In 2016, The U.S. Had Almost $10 Billion In Data Breaches

The U.S. lost nearly $100 million in intellectual property to cybercrime in 2016. The average cost of a data breach is $4 million, but it may be much higher if sensitive data or high-value assets are compromised.

The average cost of a breach in Europe was just over $7 million last year, and this sum could rise as hackers target large corporations (or even small businesses).

Cyber Security Is More Important Than Ever Before

You should exercise caution when surfing and sharing information online because cyber attacks have been on the rise and can be quite damaging. You should be extremely cautious if someone tries to steal your identity or access your account through email or social networking sites like or Twitter because identity theft is one of the largest issues people face online today.


We hope that this introduction to cyber security and its significance has improved your awareness of how crucial it is for your company to remain secure. Although the internet has many benefits, it also has several dangers that, if not avoided, might be disastrous. By taking these actions now, you can avoid issues later on when they might be more expensive or time-consuming to solve!

About the author

Dominika Smith works at BTB Group as a cyber security specialist. She analyzes security systems, and is responsible for testing procedures and creating comprehensive solutions. Through vulnerability testing, she assesses the level of security in our company.

Last Updated on October 27, 2022 10:23 pm CEST

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