Gas Cake Strain Review 

This article was contributed by Andrew Williams for askgrowers.

Marijuana connoisseurs would know that indica-leaning strains generally have more relaxing effects than those that lean towards Sativa. This makes such strains a popular choice for evening or nighttime consumption as they can help people relax and have a good sleep.

One such strain is Gas Cake. This is a weed dominant in Indica, boasting an Indica/Sativa ratio of 60/40. Even though it is not heavily dominant in Indica, its overall effects are quite relaxing.

The Gas Cake strain is developed by crossing High Octane and Jungle Cake in the labs of Jungle Boys. Both of these parent strains gave Gas Cake an overall sweet flavor profile and around 22% of THC content. The dominant terpene in this marijuana is Limonene.

If you want to learn what this weed tastes like and what effects you can get out of it, learn more about Gas Cake strain at Let’s take a look at this strain so you may decide whether it’s the right kind for you.

How Does It Taste?

For fans of sweet strains that have a hint of gassiness to them, this will fit the bill. There is a strong sweet aroma that escapes into the surroundings when the buds are broken apart. Sugary notes of vanilla and creamy berries will make anyone’s mouth water. Notes of diesel complement this sweetness quite well.

The flavor is similar, with additional fruity notes of mango and bitter undertones of coffee. There is a slight minty freshness present as well that just rounds everything off very nicely.

If you like to smoke buds that taste pleasant, you will not be disappointed by Gas Cake.

What Are Terpenes?

There are three primary terpenes found in this cannabis:

●      Linalool

Linalool is a terpene that can be found in lavender and basil other than cannabis strains. It has an overall sweet aroma. In Gas Cake, Linalool brings the sweet notes of vanilla which is one of the dominant flavors in the weed. Linalool’s scent has been linked with improving mood. It is also antimicrobial and sedative in nature which makes it a good choice for when you want to relax.

●      Limonene

Limonene brings some fruity notes to the aroma other than adding the noticeable hints of diesel. This terpene has been linked with reducing the symptoms of anxiety and depression as well.

●      Myrcene

Myrcene is one of the most common terpenes found in cannabis strains. It usually adds earthy and sweet notes to weed strains but here it brings some bitter notes of coffee. Myrcene also has some benefits for the human body. It was suggested in 2015 that this terpene might be effective in reducing inflammation that is caused by osteoarthritis.

Is It Good to Smoke?

Gas Cake is a very good strain to smoke for those who can handle its moderate THC content. It might not be the right choice for complete beginners. It has a very pleasant flavor that makes it a good choice not only for smoking but also for adding to edibles.

As soon as you smoke these buds, you will experience a sense of euphoria that will make you feel like you’re floating above the ground. It leads to the relaxation of both the mind and body, often making consumers sedative and sleepy. These effects make it a good marijuana strain to consume during late evening or at night when you just want to have a good rest and nothing else.

There aren’t too many side effects reported either. The usual dryness of the eyes might be experienced but drinking plenty of fluids should help alleviate that problem. Medical marijuana patients dealing with depression, lack of sleep, and chronic stress also report finding relief from their symptoms when consuming Gas Cake.

Overall, this weed offers very relaxing and calming effects as well as a pleasant taste and medicinal benefits.

Where to Buy This Cannabis in the US

While you may find it at various dispensaries and online stores across the US, Gas Cake can be found on the website of Jungle Boys who are the breeders and cultivators of this strain.


After a long day of work, sometimes all you want to do is get in bed, watch a movie, and doze off to a night of good sleep. In such cases, strains like Gas Cake can help a lot. Not only do these buds smell and taste great, but they are also very effective at relaxing your body and mind. They wash away your worries and make you forget everything that is bothering you so you can just rest.

Remember to consume Gas Cake carefully though, especially if you are a beginner. It’s always a wise idea to start with small doses to see how they affect you before making any cannabis strain a regular thing. Go slowly, develop your tolerance to THC, and you’ll have a much better experience with cannabis in the long run.

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