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Chrome Gets New Screenshot Editor on Canary Builds

The integrated screenshot editor in Google Chrome now has significant editing improvements on the Canary channel.


Google Chrome users will soon have a boosted screenshot editor with advanced features. The new tool is currently available to preview versions of the web browser running on the Canary channel. In a new flag, the development team show the current integrated screenshot editor will get a smattering of new tools.

Chrome already has a built-in screenshot editor, but it has limitations in terms of features. Third-party solutions provide more granular editing abilities. Google could be addressing this with the new editing suite.

With the new feature set, the screenshot editor now allows users to resize and add shapes (squares, circles, lines, and arrows). Elsewhere, it is now possible to adjust the thickness of smiles, text, and brushes, while you can also change the style and color.

Google has been working on this feature expansion since last year when the flags for the editor first appeared. However, it is only now the features have become active in Canary builds.

Canary Build

Of course, this is the early release channel for new features, so bugs are expected. I am hearing reports the new screenshot editor has some issues with crashing and sometimes deletes screenshots when a page is reloaded.

Again, this is part of the deal with Canary builds. Google will improve stability through preview channels to full release.

It is worth noting Microsoft Edge also has a limited screenshot editor. Considering Edge is also running on Google’s Chromium engine, it is possible these new features will land on Microsoft’s browser eventually.

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