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Microsoft 365 to Add Increased Employee Surveillance Through Microsoft Edge


customers will soon have a feature they may not really want. Specifically, is road-mapping a tool to allow deeper employer spying through the browser. Essentially, Microsoft is allowing admins to have greater visibility, which could mean more on employees.

It is shown in the roadmap item titled: “Microsoft 365 compliance center: Insider risk management — Increased visibility on browsers.”

Microsoft says the tool will being betting management of “risky activity” and that employees often access sensitive information:  are often used by users to access both sensitive and non-sensitive files within an organization.”

With the new Microsoft Feature, admins will access compliance monitoring through Microsoft Edge. This means when a user copies files on their personal file sharing platform, or “files printed to local or network devices, files transferred or copied to a network share, files copied to USB devices.”

Right or Wrong?

What does an increase in visibility mean? Well, Microsoft is employing machine learning to track employees using Microsoft Edge and observe them. This is sure to go down very well with employees who already think companies watch over them too much.

There is a fine line between maintaining privacy and needing to ensure security across an organization. One of the problems is where that line is will often be defined by the company. Employees are increasingly given no say in how much of their privacy they are giving up.

It certainly makes sense for organizations to protect themselves, but how far into the personal user habits of individuals should they go?

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Last Updated on February 14, 2022 8:17 pm CET

Luke Jones
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