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How Microsoft has Gained the Trust of Colleges Over the Past 10 Years and Continues to Do So


You can ask anyone today which company has made the most profound and lasting impact in the world of technology – and their answer will be . Even the earliest pioneers of Silicon Valley cannot match this company. 

Microsoft has dramatically shaped the landscape of modern-day computing, with its beginnings from an opportunistic and scrappy startup in New Mexico to a corporate software giant. Because of this, for the past ten years (and more), Microsoft has gained the trust of colleges all over the world.

Office-Apps-Microsoft-PixabaySuperior convenience and support

Today, more users gravitate toward using because it always has something that makes it simple to use. For instance, if you need to create a file on , a simple search of MS Word tips will already prove fruitful. You will learn how to use this software easily, even if you're a beginner. 

Even upgrading your OS is much simpler. Those who use Microsoft Windows 7 have no issues shifting to Microsoft . This is because that many of the features of Windows 10 are similar to Windows 7. Windows is also considered ideal for programming and game engineers. Currently, Windows has attracted a massive following that has prompted designers to create games, programming, and utilities for Windows OS. 

On Microsoft, it is more convenient to use online services

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Enhanced security

For the first ten years after Microsoft's flagship Windows program came out, it became the most successfully attacked Operating System (OS) in history. These attacks generated public distrust in Windows as a secure operating system. In response to this, Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, wrote an infamous letter in January 2002. In the letter (now known as the Bill Gates Trustworthy Computing memo), Gates directed Microsoft to dedicate more resources to the security of Windows. 

This move made Microsoft more secure and it created or co-opted several new security technologies for computers. One of the most important offshoots was the wholesale adoption of the Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL) across Microsoft. SDL has placed secure practices and coding at the forefront of each software development project. This is a combination of requirements, tools, and education by which Microsoft shared all of its experience.

The introduction of SDL has brought about various innovations. Now, there are significantly fewer security bugs for every thousand coding lines. There are also more security choices and features, less surface area for attacks, and more secure defaults.

Microsoft is ideal for storing large amounts of data

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Better compatibility

Those who have used Microsoft Windows should already know the basic features, including the control panel, desktop, desktop assistant, event viewer, disk cleanup, and more. With all of these, it's no wonder why many users prefer to use Microsoft Windows. Moreover, it's also compatible with other types of software.

Because Microsoft is more popular, it follows that this company has a claim to more software. Most software companies don't have enough resources to create different types of systems. As such, they opt for the one with more users. You can distinguish most equipment by the play and attachment included. This means that you don't need to physically introduce equipment if you have Microsoft as your OS. 

It offers some nifty features too

Windows can handle application windows better than the competition. In Windows 10, for instance, just drag an open window to the top of the screen to get a full-screen, or drag it to the side to make it fill half the screen. This feature can come in handy when multi-tasking.

The Start Menu for Windows 7, 8 and 10, just keeps improving with each new release. Finding apps and files to obtain key information has become easier and quicker, even without having to open your apps. On cloud services, Microsoft is a lot better too. With apps like OneDrive and OneNote, you can access your notes and files anywhere and at any time. The hardware designers at Microsoft have also put a lot of thinking into what a computer is and who it's for. 

For example, the Microsoft Surface Book is a combination of a laptop and a tablet with sufficient power for various tasks. Microsoft has also improved in terms of experimentation, including coming out with many experimental apps like the Hub keyboard that will help you save time as you don't need to switch between apps.


Microsoft has dominated the computer industry for decades. Since the beginning, the company has relied on the key strengths presented here to keep going. This is why it's a trusted company by students, teachers, and staff at college universities. There's not just one or two but many areas where it ranks much above other .

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