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Top Five Useful Microsoft Apps to Help You Write a Dissertation


The advancements in technology have changed in such a way that allows students to approach education easily and how educators present in classrooms. With your computer, you as a student now have access to various apps that will help you in your studies. 

Now, it's all about selecting the right app to help you accomplish your assignments, gain knowledge, and improve your learning outcomes. You can meet your academic goals by choosing the best app and here are some from that you can use for your dissertation.


Microsoft Word

Formatting your dissertation is very important as it will make your work look professional. But doing this the hard way will take a lot of time. Instead, you should rely on tools that will help you format your paper easily.

The earlier you start using these tools, the more time you will save and the less stressed you will feel as the deadline for submission approaches. One classic software for PhD dissertation writing is .

When using this software, you first need to revise the standard format before you start writing. Each university has its own formatting style and guidelines. But there are common formatting basics that you should know.

First, you need to learn about formatting the font and spacing of the paragraphs. For APA and academic writing, use Times New Roman, size 12. You should also double-space your text. For the spaces between sentences and paragraphs, go to the Paragraph section to format these correctly.

Formatting the margins is important too. Go to the Layout tab and make the changes there. Finally, if you need to add a table in your dissertation, simply use the Table feature.

Microsoft Excel

Excel is another excellent software to use. It's simple and flexible, especially when you need to use a spreadsheet for your dissertation. You just need to create some columns to start using a literature tracking system in minutes. 

The ease of customizing is also a great feature. You can create categories as you need instead of having to fit such into structures into a software program. To create a spreadsheet for literature review, just use a table. 

Online service for dissertation help

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Microsoft OneNote

With Microsoft OneNote, you can create a notebook and name it “Dissertation.” From there, start creating sections. Within each of the sections, you can add several tabs with notes on the different sub-topics. 

Work on an outline of what you want your final document to look like. The tabs can also contain search terms for you to use for each of the sections of your outline. This allows you to revisit the sub-topics to see if you want to add anything new. 

The OneNote app also enters the dates and times automatically as soon as you create the document. This allows you to go back to the items on which you might have changed your perspective.

Microsoft InfoPath

The Microsoft InfoPath app is a data gathering and forms-creation tool that will help you streamline your dissertation writing. This app is ideal for anyone who needs to create and use sophisticated forms that will gather information accurately to meet their organizational needs.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most-used apps from Microsoft. It's mostly used as a presentation tool in meetings, seminars, and more. If you need to create a presentation about your dissertation, this is the perfect tool for you. 

When using PowerPoint, you need to focus on what is most important. Make sure to highlight the results and outcomes is essential when using this software. When making a presentation using this app, it's a good idea to find images that will describe your research objectives. 

Visual elements are very effective tools for keeping your audience interested and to convey your points effectively.


It's important to learn how to balance your classes, studies, and extracurricular activities. Having the right tools will greatly help you in planning, organizing, writing, and focusing on your studies. The apps in this article are free and you can incorporate them easily into your educational toolkit.

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