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Windows Chief Panos Panay Joins Microsoft’s Senior Leadership Team

Panos Panay has impressed CEO Satya Nadella by bringing growth to Windows and is now joining Microsoft top executive circle.


may be the most recognizable face at . After years of leading and introducing Surface products, his exuberant speeches have made him well known across tech media. Of course, Panay also heads Microsoft's Windows and products division. Now, Microsoft is now adding Panay to the senior leadership team.

Panay was Microsoft's product chief before becoming the head of the new Windows and Devices division in 2019. Panos Panay has become synonymous with the rise of the Surface hardware brand. He led the division from a failing idea to a diverse product group enjoying success.

His good work with Surface and then Windows has meant Panay is now being brought into the inner circle of advisors for CEO . According to Bloomberg, Nadella has been impressed with Panay's work and the leadership team in the company believes he has steered Windows back to success.

Once again, Windows is now an important growth division at Microsoft, and many credit Panay with that turnaround. He has been fundamental with Surface, that is clear, but he is also the driving force behind .

Joining the Inner Circle

It also puts a Windows leader on the Senior Leadership Team for the first time since then Windows boss Terry Myerson departed in 2018. Panos Panay is joining other Microsoft execs such as Executive Vice President of Cloud and AI Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President of Azure Jason Zander, Executive Vice President Jha, Chief Technology Officer Kevin Scott, Xbox and gaming chief Phil Spencer.

Speaking to ZDNet, a Microsoft spokesperson said the following:

“Beginning this fiscal year (starting July 1), we streamlined our Executive Bios page to only include Executive Officers we have for SEC-reporting purposes, which are executives that head a corporate function aligned to what the law requires. The list includes the CEO and leaders of the Sales, HR, Finance, Legal, Marketing and BD (business development) functions.”

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Last Updated on February 14, 2022 8:21 pm CET

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