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7 Things to Consider before Choosing the Perfect Software Development Staffing Agency


Let's imagine that there is a project that requires more attention and a complex approach than the existing team can provide. As a founder, you are exposed to various options to have your project fully appreciated and done as the idea has it.

Given the requirements, you can either hire a software development staffing agency, turn to outsource, or find a freelance specialist. The realm of those willing to comply with the outstaffing practices is growing exponentially since it indeed eases the process of getting talented teams on board, sparing yourself off devastating employment procedures. 

Beneficial Facets Of Outstaffing

So, what exactly defines an outstaffing model? Outstaffing is hiring a remote team of specialists that is provided by a development agency to accomplish the assignments from the client. To put it a bit simpler, the client contracts the agency and gets a dedicated team to work on the project in case the customer's staffing needs can no longer be covered by the in-house team if there is any at all.

Flexibility with the staff

Then,  there is a team that feels like yours, but no need to figure out how to manage their vacations and what the plan should be for the next team-building campaign. Meaning, when you hire a development agency you get to work with a well-organized, totally-channeling-each-other team, but all the human resource issues are on the agency's shoulders.

Control and budget-friendliness

Also, an outstaffing model relinquishes control of the process to the client. Certainly, it relinquishes a high-level responsibility as well, however, being able to monitor the work throughout the project's length grants the feeling of peace and assurance in work being done as it is expected to be. The great bulk of management given to the client results in fewer expenditures which is a win-win thing for those loving to keep everything in line and not loving to overspend.

7 Things To Watch Out For

Cost-effectiveness does contribute a lot to making the hiring decision, yet other benefits advertise powerfully as well. Here comes the question: If I consider turning to an outstaffing web application development agency, how do I know that it is right for what I need to accomplish?

The competition is huge, and the offers are so worthy and tempting to consider. It's hard not to fall for the most exclusive opportunity to work with the genuinely highly qualified team with unquestionable hard and soft skills alongside the always challenging cases, especially when the deal comes 50% off for some reason.

There might be such utopian development agencies, but usually, such backgrounds and 50% off never cross. Here are 7 things to consider before sealing the deal happens.

1. Credentials check

Looking for a reliable software development team, you have got to start with a reliable agency that might help you with a reliable agency that might help you with the requirements.  You start with credentials. Clarify the legal side of the organization, see for yourself how the legal matters are settled and who comprises the department in charge. Even the tax return procedures could be of interest to you.

Then go through the recommendations pile.  Also, software development staffing agencies are a well of eternal professionals who quite reasonably might be questioned if not proven with approved certification, diplomas, and regular PPGs.

2. Look for spicy cases

If the team could work through some real challenges and was not afraid to be straight about all the hardship it's been through, then that is the team to consider and the agency to sign the contract with. Why? Well, firstly, employees are not afraid to commit to demanding projects. Bold people are coveted for their creative, non-orthodox approaches.

Next, if the specialists are not afraid of sharing the good and the bad, even the moments that went South so much that they have almost gotten a residential permit there, and then things got normalized and brought back successfully, then that speaks for something.

3. Clarify the vetting and recruitment procedures

Only professionals are hired, no doubt.  However, ask for what major criteria are opted for when the new person is interviewed for the position. Clear up, whether there is everything about tech aspect, or human qualities are big-time valued. You have the legit right to know what guidelines are employed for the people to get down to work and whether they fit in your model for productive recruitment and future multifaceted profit, money, and success-wise.

4. Geography and language obstacles

Almost everything now is remote, distanced, and online. It's not in mint condition to cooperate with somebody who is thousands of kilometers away. Borders, countries, continents are no longer hurdles on the way to a thriving business. However, when you turn to a staffing agency for fulfilling the staffing gaps, there is a chance you are in for feeling comfortable about every aspect. Meaning, when there is an urgent issue, you will not need to be waiting for the morning hours in Australia or be bothered in the middle of sweet late-night sleep. Geographical alignment should be an option, as well,  as a common language on a fluent level. since the translation may get distorted, poorly influencing the workflow.

5. Dig for market recognition

Check for how well your potential software development staffing agency is perceived in the market. Dig through reviews, analyze, compare, contrast. Have a look at the projects and see what people have to say about them. Define whether the approaches and solutions are adjusted in terms of all the current trends.

6. Estimate how communication flows

Whether you hire a cloud solutions engineer, several graphic designers, or a full-stack development team communication is a must of any workflow and any size of the team. Especially dealing with outstaffing practices, when you have to manage pretty much every bit of a process. Meeting for the first time will not let you have the bond of finishing each other's sentences and understanding each other just by the look. But it must grow the feeling that it has a potential for the future to be so.

7. Talk to your gut

If nothing helps, then this should. Even the best credentials, catchy cases, and perfect geography may not inspire to pick a staff. Trusting your gut sometimes may unfold more information. See it as a natural navigator when it comes to choosing the right path, decision-making-wise. If something feels not right inside about the choice, and it is not an extra doughnut, then just double check your odds.

Process As We Know It

So when the right agency is chosen, start with a procedure of hiring the right development team by communicating your needs, expressing your goals and expectations, and finally interviewing the dream-talent candidates. Stages may vary and be modified, but the gist remains the same.


Reaching out to the outstaffing agencies for solving staffing issues has become a common practice for those not willing to expand the staff quantity. It's convenient for time-saving, cost-effectiveness, and management levels. More and more clients are willing to adopt an outstaffing model for their projects to be brought to life. It may not be perfect, but its pros definitely outsmart the cons.

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