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Microsoft Teams Gets Webinar, PowerPoint Live, and Presenter Mode

Microsoft Teams is getting three major features leaving preview, with Webinar, PowerPoint Live, and Presenter Mode coming to general availability.


Teams is gaining a few important new features that have been in preview but are now generally available. Specifically, the workplace collaboration and communication app is getting PowerPoint Live and Webinars. Microsoft adds Presenter Mode will become widely available later this month.

In a blog post, Microsoft discusses how Teams has become more powerful over the last year. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the app has gained an array of new features.

“Over the last year, we have found new ways to create engaging virtual experiences at work,” Microsoft's Nicole Herskowitz writes.

“We've transformed spaces in our homes to offices, developed new skillsets for remote collaboration, and in some cases, adopted new technology to get work done. I often hear from our customers about the burden of using different tools to accomplish similar tasks at work. This is one of the reasons I'm excited to announce new innovations in that give you more ways to use the tool you rely on every day for internal collaboration and meetings, now for webinars and external events.”

Looking at what's new for all users, let's start with Webinars. This is a tool that allows Microsoft Teams users to host webinars for up to 1000 attendees. It includes interactive tools, attendee emails, custom registration pages, presentation options, and hosting options.

If you want to host a webinar of more than 1000 attendees, the app supports 10,000 in view-only and 20,000 will be available by the end of the year.

PowerPoint Live and Presenter Mode

PowerPoint Live is now generally available. Live Presentations allows PowerPoint users to set up presentations where users can interact more deeply with details. When giving a presentation online, invitees can zoom in on slides, photos, and details in real-time.

Presenter Mode, not to be confused with the Presenter Coach tool in PowerPoint, provides new customization options for presenters in Teams. It comes with three usage modes:

  • “Standout mode shows the speaker's video feed as a silhouette in front of the shared content.
  • Reporter mode shows content as a visual aid above the speaker's shoulder, similar to a news broadcast.
  • Side-by-side mode shows presenter's video feed alongside their content as they present.”

Standout mode is arriving first, by the end of this month. Reporter and Side-by-side will land a little later.

Tip of the day:

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Thankfully, Microsoft does let you change Windows fonts, but it doesn't make it particularly easy. I our tutorial we show you how to change system font in Windows 10, or restore it again if you don't like the changes.

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