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Office 365 Gets AI-Powered Tool for Exporting Word Documents to PowerPoint

With Export to PowerPoint, Office 365 users running Word online can now convert documents into professional presentations.


One of the goals of ( 365) under Microsoft's cloud-first vision is to create a seamless ecosystem. The concept is a collection of apps built on an interwoven platform of integration and functionality. To achieve that, apps need to do more than play nicely together… they need to feel like they are all fully connected.

And that leads to the latest Office 365 feature, a tool driven by AI that allows documents to be converted into PowerPoint presentations. The aptly named Export to PowerPoint presentation tool is now available for Word for the web.

Microsoft has not said when the feature will expand to Office 365 platform variants, if at all. So, for now you will only be able to convert to PowerPoint in Word online.

How it Works

As the name of the feature suggests, Export to PowerPoint presentation will automatically convert Word documents into professional presentations. Microsoft is leveraging AI to achieve this ability, which works in the following way:

  • “This feature uses artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to save you time and provide you with slide suggestions powered by Designer in PowerPoint.
  • The slides are derived from your section headers in the document, so make sure to organize your Word document accordingly for optimal suggestions.
  • Based on key words in your document, Designer in PowerPoint will suggest imagery, icons, videos, themes and fonts to arrange your content.
  • You can always change the suggested content if needed.”

Microsoft says the tool is available now but is limited to English language documents.

Tip of the day:

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