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How to save Chrome Tabs and Re-Open Them Later

Need to save your browsing session in Chrome? We show you how to save all open tabs as bookmarks so you can come back to them at your leisure.


Sometimes you're in the middle of an important browsing session, but suddenly you need to leave the house, restart your PC, or browse for something else. For such cases, Chrome lets you save tabs for easy opening next time you start it.

How to save a Chrome session for later

Though there are Chrome extensions to save tabs for you, they aren't strictly necessary. These days, you can bookmark all open tabs in Chrome with just a few clicks. After saving them, you can open them all at once when you next start your browser.

Before we start, you should know that there is a way to reopen all of your recently closed tabs in Chrome. You can press Ctrl + Shift + T to regain the tabs that were open last time you used your browser. However, this feature can be a little unreliable and isn't of use if you want to continue browsing but still save Chrome tabs to read later. With that said, here's how to bookmark all tabs in Chrome:

How to Save All Open Tabs in Chrome

The process to save a browsing session in Chrome isn't difficult, but you will have to make sure the bookmarks bar is enabled to make use of the feature.

  1. Show your bookmarks bar

    Press the three dots in the upper-right corner of your Chrome window, then click “Bookmarks > Show bookmarks bar”. Alternatively, press Ctrl + Shift + B.

  2. Bookmark all tabs in Chrome

    With the tabs you want to save open, right-click to the right of your final tab and select “Bookmark all tabs…” or press Ctrl + Shift + D.

  3. Save your browsing session in Chrome

    Chrome will now prompt you to save all your tabs to a folder for easy access. Create a new folder for your saved Chrome sessions (we called ours Saved Sessions), enter a name for your collection of tabs, and press “Save”.

  4. Check for your saved browsing session in Chrome's bookmark bar

  5. Open your saved pages

    Click the “Saved Sessions” folder in your bookmark bar and hover over the group of tabs you just saved. Right-click the folder and select “Open all (x)”.

  6. Delete your saved Chrome tabs aftewards

    Once your tabs are open, you can safely delete the bookmark folder to reduce clutter. Just click “Saved Sessions”, right-click the collection, and press “Delete”.

Now that you know how to save all your tabs in Chrome, you should be able to be more productive and organized. However, you may also want to learn how to export your bookmarks to a local file or disable autoplay videos to minimize distractions.

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