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Microsoft Xbox Controller “Joystick Drift” Lawsuit Adds More Plaintiffs

A lawsuit seeking compensation from Microsoft over Xbox controller joystick drift has added more plaintiffs and is seeking an injunction.


A new report suggests 's legal troubles over its Xbox controllers will continue and even be expanded. According to VGC, seven new plaintiffs were added to a class action lawsuit against the company on October 2. Furthermore, the action updated the affected peripherals to include both the Xbox Elite Controller Series 1 and Series 2.

For the most part, this lawsuit has flown under the radar. A group of Microsoft Xbox controller users are suing the company saying the peripherals have a widespread problem with the joystick drifting. According to the plaintiffs, the controllers say there is a hardware flaw that means a joystick drift is likely to happen.

That hardware component is the “potentiometer,” which controls the physical movement of the joystick. According to the court filing, a lubricant Microsoft uses is causing more movement that usual. This can even happen when the joystick is not being used.

Is It Real?

And there was me thinking joystick drift was just something that happens when a controller is used too much. Over the years I have experienced joystick drift on every Xbox stretching back to the original. Furthermore, I have had it on several PlayStation generations, and as far back as the Nintendo 64 back in the 1990s.

So, it seems joystick drift can happen when a controller gets old. However, is it happening on the Xbox One peripheral because of a fundamental flaw caused by Microsoft? The plaintiffs suggest yes.

The lawsuit wants Microsoft to compensate the users and place an injunction that forces Microsoft to explain the flaw to customers.

“The injunctive relief sought by Plaintiffs will protect the public from Microsoft's deceitful marketing practices which misrepresent and omit material facts.”

Microsoft has been quiet on this lawsuit, so it is unclear if the company is dismissing the claims or not.

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