Web browsers are increasingly becoming a common platform for gaming, with many titles streaming directly through browsers. Whether its casual or massively multiplayer online games, the need for dedicated gaming software in browsers is growing. To reflect that Microsoft wants to back a Windows 10 gaming API for controllers into Chromium.

Specifically, the company wants to add full support for the Windows.Gaming.Input API into Chromium. In doing so, the API would become an optional back end for gaming through Google Chrome, as well as Microsoft Edge.

It is worth noting Chrome already uses the Gamepad JavaScript API to deliver gaming controls to the browser. Microsoft’s software would provide an alternative and wider support for controllers. For example, it would allow the paddles on the Xbox One Elite controller to work in Chrome.

Of course, Microsoft Edge is a part of the Chromium base alongside Google Chrome these days. This means Microsoft has a direct influence on features that appear on the platform.

Development Has Started

Pushing for the integration of Windows.Gaming.Input, the company has raised a feature request on the Chromium developer platform:

“This change will augment the existing Gamepad JavaScript API by bring in Windows.Gaming.Input (WGI) as another backend other than XInput to power Chromium to support a wider range of modern gamepad devices on Windows 10. The WGI can support features added in new gaming peripherals.”

Microsoft has already started the early work to allow the API to function in Chromium. That does not mean it is guaranteed to become part of the engine’s codebase. It also does not mean Google will adopt it on Chrome.