Microsoft’s expansion of capabilities across its Your Phone smartphone-to-PC application has been slow but focused. Since its launch a couple of years ago, Your Phone now allows users to conduct most phone tasks on Windows 10… at least on Android.

It seems Microsoft has a couple of big message-related features in the pipeline that will further functionality on Your Phone. According to Windows Latest, both new tools are currently in early development. They will come to Windows Insiders this year.

Microsoft is working on integrating calls into the messages UI and Picture-in-Picture support for the app.

Looking at Picture-in-Picture first, this feature allows users to create a conversation in a separate window. This window would be separate from the Your Phone application and can be manipulated freely on the desktop.

As for the call option in the messages UI, it’s essentially what it says on the tin. A tool that allows you to make a call from the messages section of your Android device on PC.

Elsewhere, Microsoft will also introduce a feature that allows users to copy text found in an image. To do this, you’ll need to right-click the image and choose the “copy text from picture” option.

Ongoing Development

Microsoft has been increasingly boosting the capabilities of the app over the last year. In December, the company rolled out an update for all Android users to have the ability to make calls through Your Phone on their Windows 10 PC.

Your Phone allows Android users to sync their smartphone to Windows 10. Last month, Microsoft brought an important feature to the tool. It is still taking a while for Your Phone to reach true maturity (considering it was launched at Build 2018), the app is now significantly more functional.