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LG Wing Smartphone With T-Shape Dual-Screen Could Launch in 2020

LG is joining the likes of Microsoft, Samsung, and Motorola in creating unique smartphones with the LG Wing T-Screen.


We are firmly in the era of innovative smartphone design. For years, once you had seen one smartphone you had seen them all. That is slowly changing, and it is being driven by screen technology that is more malleable than ever. LG is looking to jump on board this new design trend with an upcoming smartphone.

We have seen Samsung, Motorola, and Huawei fold their screens and split its panels with the Surface Duo. LG is not doing either of those and instead has a device that transforms into a T shape.

Called the LG Wing, the smartphone has two displays. One is a 6.8-inch panel that looks like a normal smartphone, whereas the second 4-inch screen sits underneath. The main display can be rotated horizontally to showcase the T shape of the device. The second screen serves as a virtual keyboard and second screen appearance.

New Design

One of the main benefits of the unique design will be displaying one aspect of an app on the rotated screen and other aspects on the secondary panel. For example, in the gallery app a photo would be displayed on the larger display and editing tools on the smaller.

However, ETNews suggests LG wants the two-screen experience to promote immersion rather than be focused on multi-tasking.

Other reported specs for the device include 's Snapdragon 7-series CPU, 5G support, and a 64-megapixel camera. That's more or less the same specification set up as the soon-to-launch LG Velvet flagship.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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