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LinkedIn Reveals Measures to Help Essential Organizations Find Workers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

LinkedIn has announced a series of measures that are designed to help frontline organizations find talent more easily.


During the ongoing pandemic, systems, supermarkets, supply chains and charities working on combating the virus are under incredible strain. One way to ease the burden is to hire more people to essential positions. However, many are finding it hard to do. Today, has announced new tools to help speed the process.

In an announcement, the -owned company said it is introducing measures to help essential worker roles fill more efficiently

First up, LinkedIn says healthcare, essential retail, supply, and nonprofit organizations can post jobs for free on the platform. The company says this ability will be open for three months. In a blog, the social network says, “Members with relevant skills will discover these jobs through push notifications, real-time alerts, in the LinkedIn feed, and in job search.”

Furthermore, LinkedIn will direct organizations to talented members who could fill roles based on their skills. This will be done by tagging critical healthcare workers as urgent, so they show up on the LinkedIn homepage.

Recruiting for Good

Lastly, LinkedIn has extended its Recruiting for Good program and will send its internal team of recruiters to find people that can fill job roles for organizations. So, far 100 employees are already participating in the program.

“We've also received a very positive response from healthcare providers and nonprofits that we are supporting, including the American Red Cross of Los Angeles, and we're working quickly to expand globally.”

All the new tools are already in motion and available to uses. To learn more about these three measures and more about LinkedIn's push to help essential organizations, read the blog post here.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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