Google has decided to halt its integration of services on Xiaomi devices. The move comes following a report where an owner of a Xiaomi home security camera claimed they could see through other people’s cameras.

According to Reddit user, /r/Dio-V, their Xiaomi Mijia smart camera was streaming content from someone else’s camera through their Google Home Hub. Users can choose to connect the camera via a Google account and use the company’s services through the Mi Home application.

Dio-V offered proof through a video showing how camera footage from the device. When he tries to stream content from his camera to the Home Hub, random images from other unknown cameras appear on the screen.

In the following Reddit thread, the users continued with more images showing the problem. Among the images includes a random man sleeping and also a sleeping baby.


Speaking to Business Insider, a Xiaomi spokeswoman said the company has fixed the problem. However, she confirmed up to 1,000 more users could experience the same problem.

She added: “This [issue] has only happened in extremely rare conditions. In this case, it happened during the integration between [the] Mi Home Security Camera Basic 1080p and the Google Home Hub with a display screen under poor network conditions.

“We have also found 1,044 users were with such integrations and only a few with extremely poor network conditions might be affected. This issue will not happen if the camera is linked to the Xiaomi’s Mi Home app.

“Xiaomi has communicated and fixed this issue with Google, and has also suspended this service until the root cause has been completely solved, to ensure that such issues will not happen again.”

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