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Telstra Data Hub Arrives with Azure Backing to Improve Data Tracking

Telstra Data Hub is a new data monitoring and management solutions developed to run on Microsoft’s Azure platform.


has partnered with Telstra to help create the Telstra Data Hub, a new product that gives organizations the ability to analyze and share data. Built on Microsoft's Azure cloud platform, the new solution will firstly be available for water management, agribusiness, and connected supply chain.

“The modular, cloud-based platform is designed to reduce the friction and cost of organizations using and sharing data. For the first time ever, companies will be able to securely share, view and exchange data that can deliver real benefits to their productivity.”

Telstra says businesses are increasingly not using data, with 99% of data generated not being used. With the Telstra Data Hub, the company wants businesses to better leverage the data. Customers have told the company they want more access to data but the following barriers are preventing deeper use:

  • A reluctance to share data for fear of losing control of it;
  • High costs in sharing data and the initial setup costs;
  • A lack of data standardization; and
  • Technology challenges of integrating across different systems.


According to Microsoft, Telstra Data Hub is already in deployment monitoring water quality in the Lower Burdekin river in Queensland. German retail giant Aldi has also been a testing company. The solution allowed the company to reduce how much cargo it was losing.

Speaking of the Lower Burdekin monitoring program, Telstra explained how the system has been tracking water quality.

“In a trial we prototyped new water quality sensors along a major river connected via Telstra's NB-IoT network, with data visualized, shared and permissioned across multiple government agencies and related entities through the Telstra Data Hub,” Telstra group executive product and technology Christian von Reventlow said.

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