Microsoft Azure

Microsoft has been continuing to boost its Azure cloud platform in recent months, bringing customers more tools and integrations. Now the company has announced the acquisition of Movere, a cloud tech provider that was previously a Microsoft partner.

The move is part of Microsoft’s wider plans to make it easier for organizations to transition to Azure from other providers. Streamlining the journey to Azure can help the cloud platform through the next phase of growth.

Movere operates technology that discovers and assesses cloud migration. Company CEO Kristin Ireland said the company’s own migration to the cloud highlighted common mistakes organizations make. She adds Movere can provide Azure Migrate customers will the assistance to ensure they don’t make the same oversights.

“The acquisition by Microsoft is not just a marriage of a best-in-class and trusted cloud platform with a powerful data and insights platform. It is also the merge of passions of two companies looking to move mountains for customers through a deep partner ecosystem, with the ultimate goal of enabling your business transformation delivered at the speed of light.”

Through the acquisition, numerous tools and programs will be added in Azure. Movere has been in cloud migration for over a decade and will fold its expertise into Microsoft’s cloud services.

“We’re committed to providing our customers with a comprehensive experience for migrating existing applications and infrastructure to Azure. Which include the right tools, processes, and programs. As part of that ongoing investment, we’re excited to welcome the leadership, talent, technology, and deep expertise Movere has built in enabling customers’ journey to the cloud over the last 11 years.” – Jeremy Winter Partner Director, Azure Management

Azure Growth

Last week, an analyst claimed Microsoft Azure will continue to make ground on cloud leader Amazon Web Services. These two companies dominate the cloud market. AWS hovers around 45% while Microsoft Azure is at around 20-22%.

One analyst takes a bolder approach and says Microsoft Azure is starting to ramp up how much market share it takes from AWS. Dan Ives, an analyst for Webush Securities says market acceleration means Microsoft is catching Amazon:

“In the September quarter we are seeing a clear acceleration of larger and more strategic enterprise cloud deals (both domestically as well as in Europe). We believe Redmond is poised to win the lion’s share of the next phase of cloud deployments vs. Amazon.”