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Google Testing Shoppable Ads in Images

Shoppable Ads are now being tested on Google Images, allowing users to click an image ad and redirect to a page to buy a product.


makes most of its revenue from advertising, which means companies trying to sell things to its customers. Naturally, the point of advertising is to get users to buy products. With that in mind, Google is working on shoppable ads within image searches.

In a move that borrows from Pinterest and Instagram to push users to more shopping during searches. Currently in testing, shoppable ads will work within Google Image searches.

For example, if a user finds and image of something they like, they can now select it through a shopping tag in the image. This tag leads to basic information about the product and a link be able to buy it.

It is worth noting this ability only works with sponsored ads. That's good news for users not interested in shopping as it means ads won't cover all images during a search.

Google says the shoppable ads are limited to a “small percentage” of users who search for wider topics. As this is a test, there is no certainty it will even be expanded, and much will depend on how users warm to shoppable ads and how much they use them.

What the Customer Wants

The search giant says the concept behind shoppable ads works with what customers in the United States want.

Google cites data that shows 50 percent of online shoppers use imaged to find products that inspire them. Indeed, Google Images is becoming a major way to search for products, according to the company.

“That's why we're investing in shopping solutions across more of our properties, like Google Images. When we launched Shopping ads on Google Images, we wanted to provide advertisers with a new way to reach shoppers where they're looking for more visual inspiration.”

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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