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Screenshots of Microsoft’s Chromium-Based Edge Leak Online

Screenshots of Microsoft's Chromium Edge reveal little design change from regular Chrome, but show progress with extensions and features.


Leaked have provided an early look at the Chromium version of . According to Neowin, the company has been working on the browser for months internally and has been rolling out daily updates.

However, users will note that there's little design difference between and the latest Canaries of Chrome. The interface currently holds only a few key changes such as icons, with the focus on features at this early stage.

As the browser gets further into development, we can expect that to change. However, it does seem Edge will take on some of Chrome's features, including setting aside open tabs and seeing all open tabs.

Source: Neowin

Split Extension Stores

has also been testing extension support, and the screenshots show the browser's store. In it, there's support for popular add-ons like AdBlock, Honey, and Pocket, presented in via the Microsoft Store. Mimicking Chrome, there will also be a web-based addons interface in the future.

Source: Neowin

According to Neowin, these extensions will be recompiled from the Chrome Web Store and we can expect more to launch and work continues. Users can also install any extension from the Chrome Web Store without extra hassle.

As development continues, we expect Microsoft to shift to a design more suited to Windows 10. It would make obvious sense to bring in Fluent Design elements, or the browser would stick out like a sore thumb.

Unfortunately, it's not clear when the public will get a chance to test the browser. Internal testing is moving fast, but there's clearly a lot to do. Those in the Edge Insider Program will get it first, though, so feel free to sign up here.

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