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Google Joins Virtual Desktop Race with Virtual Desks Development

Still in early testing, Virtual Desks provides a virtual desktop service for Google Chrome OS, providing a feature long-time available on Windows and Mac.


Virtual desktops are widely used by power users that want to compartmentalize work across multiple devices or to create more efficiency. Traditionally, virtual desktops have been provided by third-party developers. However, tech giants are increasingly creating their own versions. is working on its Windows Virtual Desktop, while is now doing the same.

Windows 10 and 's have had virtual desktops for some time, so Google is playing catchup in this regard. The company is on the roadmap for Chrome OS, the company's lightweight PC platform.

Google has been trying to make Chrome OS increasingly mature to compete in the enterprise market against Windows 10. A virtual desktop would be a great way to achieve that.

Called “Virtual Desks”, the feature is currently in development according to a Chromium Commit. The information includes an explanation of UI elements that will be added to Virtual Desks. Among them is VirtualDesks base, which provides a toolbar that will contain desks thumbnails.

New desk is another feature that allows users to create a new desktop. Google also published a video that shows how Virtual Desks is performing through early iterations. Rather ironically, in this early state the service is unable to create virtual desktop.

Microsoft Virtual Desktop

As noted, Microsoft is preparing to launch a new Virtual Desktop for Windows 10. Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) allows users to create a virtualization of Windows 7, Windows 10, ProPlus apps and third-party apps. With WVD, customers receive remote desktop sessions by running virtualizations in Azure virtual machines.

Microsoft has expanded on the abilities of Windows Virtual Desktop. The company also seems to have fulfilled a promise to keep virtualization partners relevant despite WVD. Furthermore, Microsoft has also promised some virtualization improvements on Apple's iPad.

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