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Microsoft, TomTom, and Moovit to Pool Resources for Robust Azure Maps Solution

Moovit and TomTom are expanding their partnership with Azure Maps to create a multi-modal urban transport solution that is the first of its kind.


is extending its partnership with Moovit and TomTom by crafting a shared Azure Maps solution. At the Move mobility conference, executives from each company took to the stage to announce a ‘multi-modal' combined transport solution.

It will include Moovit's public transport data and TomTom's parking lot and driving data for an “unprecedented view of every facet of urban mobility”. The collaboration should give Azure Maps developers more freedom, lettings them leverage journey's with more than one type of transport and gaining access to more detailed data.

Growing Collaborations

This allegedly makes Azure Maps the first urban mobility solution to offer real-time drive, park, and transport information in a single trip plan.

“Moovit's mission is to simplify urban mobility all around the world and we have long provided the best way for consumers to get transit directions and other urban mobility options,” said Moovit CEO Nir Erexz. “This will lead to commuters having the best option to plan a trip combining legs on public transit, ride-sharing, bike or scooter, and other legs by car, including finding available parking lot spaces in real-time.”

Of course, this data is available in addition to the content that already came to Azure. Last week, TomTom will provide its map and traffic data to Azure, while taking the cloud service as its preferred provider.

In November 2016, Moovit integrated with Microsoft's platform to provide public transport routes crowdsourced from millions of users. As part of the change, Moovit moved its transit data and services API to Azure.

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