Image: Windows Central

Microsoft’s Insider Program concept is a big part of the company’s development of various products. It all started with the Windows Insider Program (WIP), which Microsoft says has been a huge success. One of the most interesting things about WIP is it has never had an accompanying official app. You may be able to see where we are going with this…

…Yes, Microsoft is working on a dedicated app for the Windows Insider Program. The company offered a glimpse of the app at Ignite 2018 this week. Microsoft was speaking during a session focused on discussing WIP for enterprise customers.

As mentioned, talk of the app was nothing more than a tease, so its exact nature is vague. That said, we do know some basic details about the WIP app:

  • Microsoft says it will be a Progressive Web App
  • It will feature the Dark mode that is coming to other Windows apps
  • Thanks to PWA, it will be a cross-platform and cross-device app
  • It will be open source

Microsoft will use the app to give Windows Insiders an all-in-one space for WIP. Users will be able to update, join the Windows Insider Program, and manage builds. I think it’s safe to say this app has been a long time coming.

The brief demonstrating shown at Ignite seemed to show a close-to-ready app. We guess Microsoft is finalizing the application and will roll it out soon, maybe along with the Windows 10 October 2018 Update.

Insider Model

Microsoft has embraced the Insider model for various products, such as Office, Xbox, and Azure. The core concept of the programs is to connect Microsoft with users. Moreover, customers enter something of an unspoken contract with the company.

Redmond sends out previews of upcoming features that are not yet finished but asks for feedback in exchange. So, Microsoft gets to improve its services in preview ahead of full launch, while customers get access to new features ahead of time and have the ability to influence development.