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Microsoft’s Bing Spotlight AI Fights Fake News with AIternate Perspectives and Relevant Social Media Posts

The Bing Spotlight reduces instances of bias and fake news by proving alternate perspectives, social media conversations, and different headlines. It's part of a wider push by Microsoft to make its search engine more informative.


is rolling out new Bing tools to help users fight fake news, find alternate sources, and see how a story has developed over time. Called Bing Spotlight, it uses AI to ensure information is relevant and tie in relevant posts.

The team spoke to the difficulty or remaining informed in the modern world, which is crammed with different headlines and echo chambers. It's hoping to get users to look at perspectives outside of their bubble, while also providing supporting information.

“At Bing, we want to empower users to get an overview of the news in less time. That's why we built the Bing spotlight that provides overviews of news topics that you can see right in the Bing search results when you search for major developing news stories,” said a spokesperson.

High Quality Standards

Bing's alternative perspectives feature only high-quality sources that meet its PubHub Guidelines. They have to be original, readable, and transparent, giving attribution and labeling pieces appropriately.

Microsoft says this is part of a broader push to bring more informative content to its users, citing previous improvements to health questions. Users will be looking at it with particular attention during the lead up to the US midterm elections, with Microsoft already discovering attempts by Russia.

The feature is currently available on the Bing homepage and while searching for any story. Unfortunately, it's exclusive to the US, but it's likely to come to other areas soon. You can also see the functionality in the Bing mobile app, which you can grab below.

[appbox googleplay com.microsoft.bing&hl=en_GB]

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