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Tinder Loops Video Feature Goes Global

The Tinder Loops feature has expanded globally, giving all users two-second looping videos to place on their profile.


Social search app Tinder recently announced it is launching a video feature. Today, the company has launched Tinder Loops around the world after testing in Canada and Sweden. The simple video ability is now part of tools users can manage on their profile.

Tinder Loops creates two-second clips that (you guessed it) loop in a constant stream. They can now be posted directly to a profile. However, the integration is not necessarily smooth as there is no direct access to a device camera from within the app.

This means users have to either leave the app to shoot a video or upload content already stored on the handset. It's hardly intuitive but it is just the kind of gimmick that will be widely used on the social app. Tinder explained how it envisages the feature being used:

“That's right, you get two seconds of looping video to show more personality, which is the best way to get more right swipes. You can be flirty, you can be fun, but no matter what, be you. And be quick about it, because everyone who's anyone will be showing off their moves. (Let's face it; still photography is so last November.)”

Availability and Success

Loops has been in testing through a few markets, including the aforementioned Canada and Sweden. Today it is arriving in the following countries:

, United Kingdom, United States, France, Korea, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Iceland, Ireland, Kuwait, New Zealand, Norway, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand and United Arab Emirates.

The company says its testing of Loops shows that the feature works in connecting people. Users with loops in their profile feed see their conversation length increase by 20 percent. Japan has had the ability since June and Tinder points out a 10 percent increase in right swipe engagement.

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