Organizations can now implement a more complete ad campaign on LinkedIn. The Microsoft-owned business network has announced Carousel Ads that provide marketers with new tools. With the ads, companies advertising goods can get more from their Sponsored Content.

Carousel Ads are texturized stories that feature multiple photos. Users on LinkedIn can scroll the horizontally with a swipe to see more images on their feed.

LinkedIn says more than 300 companies signed up through beta testing. Among them were heavyweights like HP, Volvo Canada, and RBC Wealth Management. 75 percent of organizations that beta tested Carousel Ads said they will use the system again to increase click-through rates.

On the website for the service, RBC Wealth Management described Carousel Ads as a step forward:

“From an engagement standpoint the LinkedIn carousel ads are a great step forward for the platform. Any time you can entice a user to stop scrolling, focus on and engage with a piece of your content, your brand stands to benefit. Carousel ads encourage this exact behavior without users even leaving the platform.”

Professional Ads

Advertisers can feature up to 10 cards in the swipeable carousel, with each card open to customization. The aim is for companies to get more customer engagement from LinkedIn’s vast user-base.

“Inspire a professional audience to engage with your brand with interactive carousel ads directly in the LinkedIn newsfeed.

Run carousel ads to drive valuable results at every stage of the buying cycle. Customize your carousel campaigns to build brand awareness and consideration, drive traffic to your landing pages, and generate high-quality leads.”