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Report Finds Surface Make More Employees Proud than Apple Products

A new Creative Strategies study find employees increasingly prefer Surface over Apple for their productive and creative needs.


is today turning our attention to a report published by Creative Strategies employee Carolina Milanesi. Based on research, the analyst firm says more enterprise employees are opting to choose Surface devices. Reasons cited for the preference include believing Surface products are more productive and creative.

Creative Strategies asked 1,300 consumers in the United States to form the report. The results show Surface is favored amongst early tech adopters. Additionally, Surface “continues to challenge” in other areas.

Apple has traditionally been a favorite amongst users, who value the strong visuals and productive appeal of Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Microsoft created Surface as a “Hey, me too” range that showed Windows OEMs that they could compete with Cupertino in terms of design and specs.

The report shows Microsoft visions is paying off with its products making in-roads against Apple:

  • 72% of people who use Surface at work want to use it all the time, at work and for personal use. (+7pts versus Apple MacBook).
  • When considering replacing their laptop with a 2in1 device, early mainstream users significantly choose Surface Pro (+11pts) over Apple iPad Pro

Empowering Employees

Creative Strategies also looked at how company-issued hardware can attract employees. Surface has made significant gains with 77% people who use a Microsoft device saying they are proud to be seen with it. Interestingly, this is 15% higher than those who are proud to wield and Apple product.

  • Both early tech adopters (+11pts) and early mainstream audiences (+21pts) believe Surface empowers you to be most productive compared to Apple
  • People who perceive the Surface as the leading notebook brand over Apple do so because they see it as the best implementation of Windows and Office
  • Employees who use Apple for work feel strongly that Surface devices have the best implementation of

“There is also no doubt that in consumer's minds the only brand able to compete with Apple is .”  

Last Updated on April 9, 2020 11:51 am CEST

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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