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Azure Stack Customers Gain More On-Premises Security from Azure IP Advantage

By offering IP Advantage support in Azure Stack, customers of Microsoft’s hybrid cloud solutions can get more IP protection and access to 10,000 Microsoft patents.


Microsoft this week announced an extension of Azure IP Advantage to Azure Stack. Essentially, this means workloads deployed to Azure Stack are now supported by Azure IP Advantage. The extension gives Stack users more security from IP (Intellectual Property) risks when running hybrid cloud scenarios.

Azure Stack is a hybrid cloud solution launched by Microsoft last July. The cloud platform offers specifically designed for on-premises data centers. Microsoft points out that Stack customers access cloud services using on-premises data centers and hosted environments.

However, the modern digital world comes with morphing and unfamiliar IP risks that these customers are unprotected against. At least until now. Azure IP Advantage support offers uncapped protection. This includes for open source solutions being used by organizations.

Microsoft announced some customers (those eligible) can access a portfolio of security solutions that includes 10,000 patents. This will defend SaaS applications running in Azure Stack. In its announcement, the company says the patent portfolio is ranked in the top 3 cloud portfolios.

With Azure IP Advantage, Stack customers are getting:

“Benefits, such as the uncapped IP indemnification of Azure services, including the open source software powering these services, or the defensive portfolio of 10,000 patents, are available to customers innovating in the hybrid cloud with Azure Stack.”

Stack Features

With Microsoft’s hybrid cloud solutions, organization can improve IT infrastructure management. Even on-premises, customers get the power of Azure and related cloud features from Microsoft. Stack gives customers a self-service portal that can run on privately owned servers. The platform comes with the following core abilities:

  • Orderable Azure Stack integrated systems: We have delivered  software to our hardware partners, enabling us to begin the certification process for their integrated systems, with the first systems to begin shipping in September. You can now order integrated systems from Dell EMC, HPE, and Lenovo. 
  • Azure Stack software pricing and availability: We have released pricing for the pay-as-you-use and capacity-based models today, you can use that information to plan your purchases.
  • Development Kit (ASDK) availability: ASDK, the free single-server deployment option for trial purposes, is available for web download today. You can use it to build and validate your applications for integrated systems deployments.
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