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Windows 10 Mobile Gets a New Device Called the WinPhone 5.0

Made by German company TrekStor, the Windows 10 Mobile WinPhone 5.0 is a mid-ranger aiming for enterprise customers wanting Continuum support and continuity in upgrading.


2017 has been a slow year for Windows 10 Mobile. has left the hardware game, while OEM support for the platform is on the wane. However, German company TrekStor is on board with and has announced a new handset.

The WinPhone 5.0 is a mid-range smartphone running Microsoft's . TrekStor is showing the device off at the IFA tech conference. The company says the new smartphone is focused on enterprise users.

Taking a look at the features and specs, the mid-range aspirations certainly make sense. The WinPhone 5.0 comes with a five-inch HD screen and a Snapdragon 617 processor. Other specs include 3GB of RAM, 16GB of native storage, and a microUSB port.

Most those specs fit nicely into mid-range, although I am a little concerned about the screen. It seems this is a HD panel, which would mean 720p. For mid-range, this seems old tech and I would expect 1080p Full HD for this panel.

Pushing its business credentials, the WinPhone 5.0 supports Microsoft's Continuum feature. This means the device can hook up to any screen and become a mini Windows 10 PC.


TrekStor seems to be going for a premium look considering the handset has an aluminium body. The company has not discussed availability, but confirmed it will cost around $350 when it is launched. Don't expect any carrier support, but you will be able to buy it through online retailers.

The German company is clear about its target consumer. Many European organizations are still locked into Windows phone. TrekStor hopes these companies will update to its device instead of jumping to iOS or Android.

I have read some reports today suggesting this device shows Windows 10 Mobile is not dead. Being pedantic, that is true. However, there is no chance this device marks any turnaround for the platform.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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