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Microsoft Debuts Azure Event Grid for Event-Programming Developers

Developers building event-based and serverless apps can use Azure Event Grid for a seamless development tool. The service supports an array of Azure services and is currently in preview.


has added to its Azure cloud platform with the release of a new product. Called Azure Event Grid, the solution is designed to give developers simpler tools to create event-based apps. In its announcement, the company says the Event Grid capability is launching in preview.

Events are the building blocks of most modern applications. Event-based has become the most popular method of creation for developers. Events within an app include uploading a photo, responding to user clicks, updating a database, etc.)

Microsoft says it created Azure Event Grid to give developers smoother tools for event-programming. Serverless platfroms like Azure Functions and Logic Apps have become important tools for event-based developers. Event Grid makes event-based and serverless apps easier to create and functions as an extension of Azure.

The feature acts as an event routing service that is fully managed and can route all events from “any source, to any destination, for any application.” Microsoft calls the service a first of its kind from any cloud provider.

“Azure Event Grid is an innovative offering that makes an event a first-class object in Azure,” the company says.

With Event Grid, you can subscribe to any event that is happening across your Azure resources and react using serverless platforms like Functions or Logic Apps. In addition to having built-in publishing support for events with services like Blob Storage and Resource Groups, Event Grid provides flexibility and allows you to create your own custom events to publish directly to the service.”


Event Gird builds on the existing Azure Functions and Logic App services. The service also supports Azure Resource Manager, Azure Blog Storage, Application Topics, Event Hubs, and Automation. Microsoft says support for services like CosmosDB and IoT Hub will be introduced later in the year.

As the service is suited to IoT, it is a little surprising that IoT Hub is not supported from the gate. That said, Event Grid is currently in preview, so it is not the complete service.

Microsoft has also announced the pricing for Azure Event Grid. The service will be priced based on the number of processed operations. For example, the first 100,000 operations will cost nothing, but then it will be $0.60 per million operations.

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