Microsoft might be testing new Cortana UI with Bing search results
Image: Imgur

Images of what could be the early stage of a new Cortana UI have leaked online. In a thread called “The new Cortana UI in Creators Update”, a user provides screenshots that suggest Microsoft might be working on a new user interface for its voice assistant.

In the images, we see a dual-pane system that allows users to search from within Cortana and view the Bing search results directly from their desktop. For example, users could search for currency conversions, as well as have access to different tabs like “Images” or “News”.

Unfortunately for the Reddit user, he says in the thread that after a system restart, Cortana returned to its current UI.

However, if the screenshots are original, they could suggest that Microsoft is working on a new user interface for its voice assistant on Windows 10.

For the screenshots, check the gallery below:

The future of Cortana on PC

Currently, any search results that Cortana displays still require users to open them in Microsoft Edge. Given that, a user could simply forego searching in their Cortana query and go straight to their browser.

Since the launch of Cortana on PC, Microsoft has been constantly improving the interface of its voice assistant. However, this alleged new UI is just a theory, since there hasn’t been any official word on when, let alone if, it will reach the wider audience.