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Microsoft’s ‘IoT Central’ Will Bring Internet of Things Development to the Masses

IoT Central provide a simple user interface for building, configuring, and managing smart devices. The SaaS solution makes it easier to deploy IoT applications without in-house experts and will launch in the coming months.


has announced a new product aimed at the IoT SaaS market. ‘IoT Central' sits in helps organizations to quickly design, configure and integrate smart products even without extensive cloud experience.

The service combines with Microsoft's Azure IoT suite, which is a platform-as-a-service solution. Together, the two account for different use scenarios, with IoT suite focusing on control and IoT Central on simplicity.

“It is designed to enable the rapid innovation, design, configuration, and integration of smart products with enterprise-grade systems and applications to reduce product manufacturers' go-to-market cycle and increase the speed at which they can innovate so they can stay ahead of their competition and deliver smart products that delight their customers,” said a Microsoft spokesperson to ZDNet.


Azure Time Series Insights

IoT Central will launch alongside a number of new tools, services, and programs for IoT management. Azure Time Series Insights provides interactive analytics and insights to make IoT events easier to explore.

Organizations can use the tool to get a global view of data, spot anomalies, and find the source. They can do so without running any code and tie in a number of APIs.

Microsoft is also launching Azure Stream Analytics on Edge. This will let devices run real-time analytics without having to use Azure as a middle man. The tech giant claims that together, the tools give it the most “comprehensive IoT portfolio” around.

Though IoT Central is already in use privately by a number of companies, it will roll out to the public over the coming months. You can find more detail on the Microsoft blog, or sign-up for the pre-release content.

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