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While Microsoft is making a strong headway through Azure, most of its customers still fall in the “hybrid cloud” category. Some of their infrastructure is cloud-based, and some is on premises.

However, the process of hybrid cloud migration isn’t a simple one. It requires extensive planning, cost analysis, and an understanding of various options. On Wednesday Microsoft announced plans to close that gap via a number of new tools.

New Azure Migration Tools

Microsoft is releasing three new Azure Migration Tools, each helping with various areas. The first is a free Cloud Migration Assessment. The tool will help organizations discover their various server, analyze hardware, and produce a report with potential cost savings. In short, it will help businesses decide if the shift is worth it.

For existing Azure customers, Microsoft is giving the option to enable Azure Hybrid Use Benefit directly from the Managment Portal. With it, companies can save up to 40% on Windows Server licenses with Software Assurance.

Finally, the tech giant is promoting Azure Site Recovery. It addresses issues when customers already have virtual machines locally or with a different provider. Users can migrate VMs from AWS, VMWare or Hyper-V to Azure. That’s nothing new, but soon admins will be able to tag machines from within the Azure portal.

The tools are likely a response to Microsoft’s research. Surveys suggest that hybrid cloud will remain the dominating setup, even five years from now. The new resources should make it easier than ever to migrate, maintain and scale.

You find more information about the tools on the Azure blog.