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Microsoft and Publicis Extend Azure/Cosmos Ad Partnership

Microsoft’s collaboration with ad giant Publicis Groupe has been extended. The Cosmos ad platform integrated with Azure will provide AI capabilities for users. With cloud information, markerters can get customer data analysis for more accurate trgeted advertising.


and ad giant Publicis have today announced an expanded collaboration that will mix the two companies‘ services. The pair have worked together on a pilot initiaitve that Microsoft says will now be expanded. The project combines Publicis‘ Cosmos data soluton with cloud services.

The aim of the expanded partnership serves purposes for both companies. For Microsoft, it brings the companies cloud-based services to moe people and expands Azure's usefulness. Publicis can monetize their services and compete with rival companies through the collaboration.

“Microsoft is pleased to partner with Publicis Groupe to create a new class of AI capabilities to help clients succeed in their own marketing transformations. Together, we want to bring the power of artificial intelligence to help brands create new customer experiences and transform digital operations. Our new partnership harnesses the power of predictive analytics, deep learning and natural user interfaces with the scale and security of our enterprise cloud,” said Joseph Sirosh, corporate vice president, data group at Microsoft.

The Cosmos technology allows advertisers and marketers to gather behaviorual data from users. The platform updates consistently to create new details on customers who have identities stored in Microsoft's cloud services. With this information, the marketer can create targeted ads that are sent to emails.

“How customers behave in real time changes how we market to them,” adds Shannon Denton, chief strategy officer of Publicis digital agency group SapientRazorfish. “When we're competing with other agencies but also with consultancies, this data is a huge advantage. That's the big play and why we're going to continue to invest in this area.”

Redefining Targeted Advertising

While many customers probably dislike targeted advertising, it can serve a purpose. Especially in the online business community where sites are typically driven by marketing revenue. Companies are starting to create new strategies for targeting ads in a more fluid and efficient way.

Effectively using customer data is one way to ensure people only see ads that are important to them. This is essential for both the customer and the advertiser.

Cosmos is a paid service that marketers get through a licensing fee. When a Microsoft Azure customer uses the platform, SapientRazorfish gets a percentage of the fee. Publicis has targeted up to 10% of its revenue to be gathered from its intellectual platforms. This would be beyond the industry norm of 1%.

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