Microsoft releases Team Foundation Server 2015 Update 4 RC

Last week, Microsoft released the first update for the Team Foundation Server 2017. Now, the company has rolled out Update 4 for the Team Foundation Server 2015, which contains almost 25 bug fixes and understandably no new features.

The Team Foundation Server (TFS) is a Microsoft product tailored for Microsoft Visual Studio and Eclipse on all platforms. TFS provides the following:

  • Source code management (either with Team Foundation Version Control or Git)
  • Reporting
  • Requirements management
  • Project management (for agile software development and waterfall teams)
  • Automated builds
  • Lab management
  • Testing and release management capabilities

Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server covers the entire application lifetime and enables DevOps capabilities.

Team Foundation Server 2015 Update 4 RC

The fourth update for TFS 2015 is possibly the final software update for this product. It contains several Agile, Version Control, Build, Release Management, Testing, and Administration bug fixes, as well as Marketplace changes.

The list of bug fixes is far too big to list here, but you can check it all out at here. To download the Team Foundation Server 2015 Update 4 RC, click here.

Upgrading to TFS 2017

Microsoft announced the release of Team Foundation Server 2017 back in November 2016. TFS 2017 includes the company’s most recent feature innovations and improvements, and it’s an upgrade from TFS 2015.

The Team Foundation Server 2017 includes features such as:

  • Code Search: Provides fast, flexible, and accurate search across all users’ code
  • Package Management: Enables users to share code across their organization
  • Agile Improvements: New Work Item form, Follow a Work Item feature, Kanban Board Live Updates and more

To learn more about how to upgrade to the latest version of Team Foundation Server, check Microsoft’s post, here.