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MWC 2017: HP Announces New Elite x3 Accessories for Windows 10 Mobile

Hewlett Packard’s Windows Phone gets a Mobile Retail and a Mobile Scanning Solution, as well as a USB-C Dock and a USB-C Travel Hub.


HP had some very exciting news at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017 for those who use its Elite x3 Windows Phone in a commercial and business environment. The company announced two promising accessories to assist users that work in environments with the scanning of barcodes.

Both the Mobile Retail Solution and the Mobile Scanning Solution help users check prices and view inventory information on-the-go.

Later, they can dock into a full PC experience and seamlessly continue the task at hand in the back office.

Hewlett Packard's began shipping back in September 2016 for $699.

The runs and is powered by a Quad-core 2.15Ghz Snapdragon 820 CPU. HP's Windows Phone has 64GB of internal memory and offers a 5.96-inch WQHD (2560×1440) AMOLED display, as well as 16 and 8 megapixel cameras.

Mobile Retail Solution

The Mobile Retail Solution announced by HP in MWC 2017 is a barcode scanner that looks like a special cover for the phone. It is designed to be used in retail storerooms, shipping warehouses and the like.

Customers can get their hands on the HP Elite x3 with Mobile Retail Solution for a total of $999, with the phone accounting for $699 of the cost.

Mobile Scanning Solution

If you already have an Elite x3 phone, HP has got you covered with the Mobile Scanning Solution, which is just the jacket-like device. Sold separately for $329, the Mobile Scanning Solution practically turns your Elite x3 into a fast and accurate barcode scanning handheld device.

USB-C Dock and Travel Hub

In addition to the barcode scanning solutions, HP announced two more accessories for its Elite x3 device. The USB-C Dock will allow multiple displays and devices to be connected to the phone, while still charging it.

HP Elite x3 USB-C Dock
HP Elite x3 USB-C Dock – Image: HP

The USB-C Travel Hub will provide additional ports while on-the-go through the use of pass-through for displays and USB devices. HP's Travel Hub will also provide charging capabilities, all through just one USB-C cable.

HP Elite x3 USB-C Travel Hub
HP Elite x3 USB-C Travel Hub – Image: HP
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