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Microsoft Graph Powers New Office Delve Personalized Search

Personalized search features for Office Delve make queries results more accurate. Microsoft Graph underpins the features as Microsoft works to bring a more personalized experience to Office 365, driven by AI.


introduced today a new personal search experience within Office Delve. The new feature will be powered by , which itself has scored an update today. Microsoft also introduced other new improvements for Graph for customers. Creating a more personalized experience is the focus of the new additions.

To achieve this, Microsoft is leveraging the power of artificial intelligence through Graph. The new personalized search is integrated into Office Delve and makes it easier for users to find content. AI from Graph helps guide users to files, websites, media, and more with Office 365.

Microsoft says this implementation is necessary to keep up with Office 365 growth: “Office 365 is growing from a usage and storage perspective,” the company points out. “And specific to search, the content indexing service is growing steadily at 10 percent month-over-month (MOM) – proof that users may be more challenged to find the right people and content.”

In its blog post today, the company says Delve already performs solid search functions. The service can find results based on work colleagues, projects, and more. However, the new ability adds two major new dimensions to the search capabilities:

  • “Get back to what you were doing—When you click in the Search text box and before you type anything, you will see result items appear based on your most recent work. As you type, you'll see a refinement of results related to the keywords you enter.
  • Discover new information—Once you press Return, you enter the discovery phase where you are searching content, people (based on name and expertise), and sites from throughout your organization. Content is presented in the order of what is most relevant to you. For example, documents by people you work with will typically rank higher than documents by other people. Similarly, documents on SharePoint sites you work on would be ranked higher.”

Microsoft Graph Update

Some general improvements have been made to Microsoft Graph in Office 365.

The distributed in-memory data processing engine now surfaces more personalized insights. These insights are taken from Office 365 Groups and Outlook attachments.

Graph is now capable of returning results faster and with better success rates. Microsoft explains that relevance context is now pre-processed and sent with a query.

This means the service can work faster to return more relevant results based on specific criteria such as who you work with, when you work, what you work on, and more.

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Luke Jones
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