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Microsoft Names LinkedIn´s Kevin Scott as Chief Technology Officer

Scott has joined Microsoft’s Senior Leadership Team and will be responsible to drive strategic, cross-company initiatives in order to maximize the company’s impact with members and customers. He has also been named Senior Vice President of Infrastructure at LinkedIn.


After joining in 2011, Kevin Scott helped build the service's technology and tech team, leading it through an Initial Public Offering (IPO) and six years of rapid growth.

Also because of his effort, LinkedIn was acquired by in December 2016. Scott has assumed a newly created role in Microsoft, that of Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

, Microsoft's Chief Executive Officer, praises Scott for his “unique expertise developing platforms and services that empower people and organizations,” and illustrates the CTO's first area of focus, which will be to “bring together the world's leading professional network and professional cloud.

Scott says he is “very optimistic about where Microsoft is headed and how we can continue to use technology to solve some of society's most important challenges.” He will continue to serve LinkedIn from the position of Senior Vice President of Infrastructure which he has also assumed.

Kevin Scott, Microsoft's Chief of Technology Officer - Image by Microsoft
Kevin Scott, Microsoft's Chief Technology Officer – Image Credit: Microsoft

Researcher, engineer, and leader

Scott's 20-year career in technology spans both academia and industry. Prior to joining LinkedIn in 2011, Scott oversaw mobile ads engineering at , including the integration of the company's $750 million acquisition of AdMob, the world's leading platform for mobile monetization.

In the past, he held numerous leadership positions at Google in search and ads engineering. He has been awarded a Google Founder's Award, an Intel Ph.D. Fellowship, and an ACM Recognition of Service award. He was a founding member of the ACM Professions Board, is a trustee of The Scott Foundation and the Anita Borg Institute, and the founder of the non-profit organization Behind the Tech.

He is also an active angel investor, an adviser to several Silicon Valley startups and the co-inventor on several patents in the area of search and information extraction. Scott also holds an M.S. in computer science from Wake Forest University.

Last Updated on January 26, 2017 4:50 am CET

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