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Microsoft Introduces Configuration Manager for Surface Enterprise Management Mode

Surface Enterprise Management Mode (SEMM) allows users to manage firmware across a company from a Surface device. The new System Center Configuration Manager makes the control and deployment of UEFI settings easier.


has announced a new service called System Center Configuration Manager. The solution is part of the company's Surface Enterprise Management Mode (SEMM). Configuration Manager lets users deploy the SEMM settings in an environment through simpler methods.

System Center Configuration Manager brings a central management for Surface UEFI settings. It is a solution for the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book hardware. Microsoft points out the System Center Configuration Manager makes the deployment process easier.

With a streamlined method, deployment is now handled in just two stages. The first step can be completed via the deployment of SEMM assemblies on a Surface Device. This is achieved through the UEFI Manager.

Once the assemblies are in place, the second step is underway. Now users can manage and deploy SEMM through PowerShell, and can also remove assemblies if they want. Microsoft points Surface users to common SEMM management tasks from Sample PowerShell scripts for managing Surface Enterprise Management Mode (SEMM).

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The deployment path is covered in more detail at Use System Center Configuration Manager to manage devices with SEMM in the TechNet Library. There is also another option for deploying SEMM. Users can take the standard Windows Installer (MSI) option through the Surface UEFI Configurator tool. However, the new method is simpler.

Surface Enterprise Management Mode

The SEMM feature was introduced at the end of 2016. Microsoft describes the service as giving the ability to secure and manage firmware settings across an organization from a Surface device. IT professionals can create UEFI settings and deploy them on a Surface Pro 4 of Surface Book. The SEMM feature is secure to stop configuration changes or removals from unauthorized users.

Last Updated on January 19, 2017 11:20 am CET

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