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Microsoft to Offer ‘Windows Server Premium Assurance’ in Early 2017, Providing 16 Years of Support

Windows Server Premium Assurance will roll out in January of 2017, starting at 5% of the current license cost and scaling up to 12% over time.


In early 2017, will be rolling out Premium Assurance. The new plan provides an extra six years of support to Windows and SQL Server customers, including security updates and critical bulletins.

“This helps you continue to meet compliance requirements and ensure security on systems you aren't ready to update. Furthermore, greater peace of mind on those applications allows you to focus your energy on the applications more core to your digital transformation,” said Mark Jewett, Senior Director of Cloud Platform Marketing.

Premium Assurance Pricing and Versions

Users will be able to purchase Premium Assurance for both SQL Server and Windows Server, or separately. It comes as an add-on to existing assurance, beginning at 5% of the current cost and scaling up to 12% over time.


This means you can save up to 58% if you purchase before June of next year. Premium assurance currently covers the 2008 and 2008 R2 versions of Windows and SQL Server. Support for the latter will end in July 2019, while Windows Server support is a little longer, finishing in January of 2020.

You can find more details on pricing via Microsoft's data sheet. Pricing will roll out in four series, with savings falling significantly with each.

Unfortunately, those looking for support on other products will be out of luck. A spokesperson told ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley, “Microsoft does not have plans to announce additional offerings.”

Still, the plan will be a welcome addition for those who need it. The pricing is quite generous, and those buying early should get good value.

You can find more information about Windows Server Premium Assurance on the TechNet blog.

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