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Microsoft Releases Analytics Platform System Update

The latest appliance update builds on the SQL Server 2016 release, offering additional language coverage to support migrations from SQL Server and other platforms.


New features include the improved security for hybrid scenarios and the latest security and bug fixes through new firmware and driver updates.

Analytics Platform System (APS) is 's fully integrated system designed for data warehousing and Big Data analytics. The system offers deep data integration, high-speed query processing, highly scalable storage, and simple maintenance for end-to-end business intelligence solutions.

APS 2016 runs on the latest release. It now uses the default database compatibility level 130 which supports improved query performance. SQL Server 2016 allows APS to offer features such as secondary index support for CCI tables and PolyBase Kerberos support.

The update now supports a broader set of T-SQL compatibility, including support for a large number of rows and for the wider rows. In addition, the update provides enhanced security through Kerberos support.

Analytics Platform System arhitecture Image credit: Microsoft
Analytics Platform System architecture
Image credit: Microsoft

Along with software improvements, the update also enhances hardware support. APS 2016 now works with the latest Broadwell processors, DDR4 DIMMs, and provides better DIMM throughput. Hardware purchased from HPE, Dell or Quanta will feature these changes.

Fully Qualified Domain Name is also supported with the latest update, meaning it's now possible to setup a domain trust to the appliance. The latest firmware/driver updates containing security updates and fixes are also a part of the package.

Microsoft's data warehouse portfolio

The appliance update is the latest addition to an existing data warehouse portfolio from Microsoft. The company now offers a broad range of services and solutions that help customers quickly get insights, including the cloud-based Azure SQL Data Warehouse service.

The cloud-based service combines the SQL Server relational database with Azure cloud scale-out capabilities. It also takes full advantage of the Azure platform with easy deployment, seamless maintenance and automatic back-ups.

Analytics Platform System is available for download here. The service supports Windows 10 , Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012 R2.

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